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Stitching is the ever green learning course at all time. Every one has ready to learn. but most of them was not ready to go to classes for learning. Due to time or other things. then many of us thinking about how to learn basic stitching tamil at home?

The answer is very simple Subscribe our Online Tailoring Videos channel on Youtube. You may get free basic stitching tamil tutorial videos. hand stitching tamil videos

basic stitching tamil video | Tailoring in tamil – OTV

In previous posts, We have seen the basic hand stitching tamil tutorial, Now it’s time to see machine stitching tamil video. If you are the beginner, First time you are going to stitch. Then don’t go for new tailoring or sewing machine. Get a secondhand machine for practice. once you are completely learn basic tailoring in tamil tutorial. then you go for new machine.

stitching tamil - basic tailoring stitching

In this video, We explain the machine stitching tamil tutorial. In this  machine stitching tamil tutorial, we need cotton fabric, needle, bobbin, bobbin case and some basic equipment’s. please make sure, you have all the equipment’s.

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video No.7: basic stitching tamil video

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If you want to learn tailoring like basic tailoring in tamil. then your choice is OTV. Online tailoring videos is the intention to teach you a free online tailoring courses in tamil. we teach you a free online basic tailoring tutorial in tamil. So don’t need to go to tailoring classes. you can watch our basic tailoring videos in tamil and learn tailoring online free. Once you learn basic tailoring or sewing methods like blouse cutting, chudidar cutting and dress cutting and stitching  you can start earning from tailoring at home. That gives definitely gives you much confident in this society.

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